Configuration 2 – Part 3

Last time I covered a JSON extension to my IConfigurationFactory type. I demonstrated how my extension makes it very easy to read a local JSON file and return the results as an IConfiguration object. I also said that I would […]

Configuration 2 – Part 2

Last time I presented a factory for quickly creating IConfiguration objects from well known locations, like the app.config file. I also claimed that my approach was flexible enough to be extended without having to change any of the original factory […]

Configuration 2 – Part 1

For configuring my .NET Core applications I, like so many other .NET developers, turn to the Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration library for help. The library is well designed and it greatly simplifies the process of reading configuration settings from a variety of sources […]

Configuration – Part 2

Review Last time we covered the construction of a .NET Core based REST web application that served up a shared collection of configuration values. The service also used a backchannel based on SignalR, for notifying clients about any changes to […]