CI / CD Pipeline – Part 5

Photo by NASA on Unsplash This will be my last article in this series dedicated to building a complete CI / CD pipeline for automatically delivering a NUGET package whenever a change is pushed to GITHUB. What we have at this point is […]

CI / CD Pipeline – Part 3

Last time we finished a complete CI / CD pipeline capable of detecting source code changes in a GITHUB repository then building those changes on an APPVEYOR builder server and deploying them to a NUGET account. This time I thought […]

CI / CD Pipeline – Part 2

Photo by Martin Brechtl on Unsplash In this series of articles I am discussing the CI / CD process I use to automatically build and deploy any changes I make to my various NUGET projects. We finished last time by creating a Visual […]

CI / CD Pipeline – Part 1

Most of the code that I publish here on CODEGATOR is packaged up as NUGET packages. That’s because NUGET packages are easy to build, easy to publish, easy to download, and the Package Manager takes care of little things like […]