Month: August 2018

Plugin – part 1

Background The concept of a software plugin is something that’s been around since at least the early ‘70s – maybe longer. I personally remember writing plugins in C and C++ as far back as the late ‘80s or early ‘90s. […]

Configuration – Part 2

Review Last time we covered the construction of a .NET Core based REST web application that served up a shared collection of configuration values. The service also used a backchannel based on SignalR, for notifying clients about any changes to […]

Email Package

Introduction The ability to send email from a .NET program has been around for about as long as .NET itself has been around. The abstractions in the System.Net.Mail namespace do a great job, but, they could be better. For instance, […]

Repository Extension

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash Last time I wrote about a Strategy extension for my Builder library that makes it easier to separate my algorithm implementations from my Providers. The Strategy / Builder combination is a good fit, but, things could be […]

Strategy Extension

The last few articles I’ve posted have been about my Builder library. That library is a great tool for simplifying the process of configuring and creating complex objects. But, even though I extended the classic GOF Builder pattern to include […]

Builder Part 3

In the last two articles I covered the high-level architecture of my Builder library. I then went into detail, describing how the library did what it does. I finished by promising that I would lay out several different strategies for […]

Builder Part 2

As a refresher, here is the high level overview of my Builder library: What’s not on this diagram are the base classes that correspond to each interface. I left the base classes off to simplify the diagram, but, I’ll cover […]