Month: January 2019

Message Bus – Part 1

I thought this time I might discuss my NUGET package for messaging. The package is called CG.Bus and, as always, I’ll post links for the source and bits at the end of the article. The package exposes a type called […]

Retry Helper

One of the smaller NUGET packages I’ve published in the last few years is CG.Retry. This package contains a single utility class, named RetryHelper, which simplifies the process of retrying blocks of code. Here’s a quick example:

  So, […]


Before I was a .NET developer I wrote almost exclusively in C++ for Microsoft Windows. I did that for well over a decade, which was long enough to build up a fairly sizeable collection of classes and libraries for myself. […]

JSON Extensions

Sometimes when I create a NUGET package it’s because I’ve written code to isolate my architecture from some 3rd party component that I’m using today, but, may want to move away from at some later point. My CG.Json NUGET package […]