Before I was a .NET developer I wrote almost exclusively in C++ for Microsoft Windows. I did that for well over a decade, which was long enough to build up a fairly sizeable collection of classes and libraries for myself. […]

JSON Extensions

Sometimes when I create a NUGET package it’s because I’ve written code to isolate my architecture from some 3rd party component that I’m using today, but, may want to move away from at some later point. My CG.Json NUGET package […]

Plugin – part 3

Review Last time I covered the internals of the CG.Plugin.FileSystem NUGET package, which contains a loader strategy for the CG.Plugin NUGET package. This time I’ll cover another loader strategy, this time one from the CG.Plugin.Reflection package. That package uses reflection […]

Plugin – part 2

Review Last time I covered the internals of the CG.Plugin NUGET package, which contains a plugin mechanism for .NET applications. In that article I left out the implementation of the loader strategies, which is the code that loads the command […]

Plugin – part 1

Background The concept of a software plugin is something that’s been around since at least the early ‘70s – maybe longer. I personally remember writing plugins in C and C++ as far back as the late ‘80s or early ‘90s. […]

Configuration – Part 2

Review Last time we covered the construction of a .NET Core based REST web application that served up a shared collection of configuration values. The service also used a backchannel based on SignalR, for notifying clients about any changes to […]

Repository Extension

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash Last time I wrote about a Strategy extension for my Builder library that makes it easier to separate my algorithm implementations from my Providers. The Strategy / Builder combination is a good fit, but, things could be […]